Data used

The data (1) that was used for this paper was provided by Waze. It includes alert data from February 2016 that was originally created by users of the app and then stored by Waze.

All Road Hazards


Figure 1: Road hazard graph

From the graph, one can see that the correlation between the levels of traffic and the number of road hazards that have occurred in the area (within 500 feet), is small. This is odd as by its definition, a road hazard is something on the road that prevents or slows down car movements. Factors that might have altered the data will be discussed in the discussion part of this paper.

A look at the outliers

Since the data was shown to have little to no correlation, the focus will instead be shifted to looking at outliers as to explore reasons for why some areas might have worse traffic conditions.

Point 1: Boston City Hall

The point that is the highest on the y-axis which represents the point with the most traffic (513,589) is located at coordinates 42°21’36.3“N 71°03’32.0”W, right outside of the City Hall.