Yiwen Dong


I am Yiwen. I like to work on fun projects involving computers.

I’m currently doing research at University of Waterloo under Prof. Chengnian Sun.

Research Interests

  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Languages

Past TA experience

  • University of Waterloo
    • CS135, CS246, CS446, SE465

My resume.

selected publications

  1. Yiwen Dong, Tianxiao Gu, Yongqiang Tian, and Chengnian Sun
    In Proceedings of the 44th International Conference on Software Engineering, 2022
  2. Theodore Luo Wang, Yongqiang Tian, Yiwen Dong, Zhenyang Xu, and Chengnian Sun
    In Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, Volume 2, 2023
  3. Yiwen Dong, Zheyang Li, Yongqiang Tian, Chengnian Sun, Michael W. Godfrey, and Meiyappan Nagappan
    ACM Trans. Softw. Eng. Methodol., Feb 2023