I have BS in Computer Science from Northeastern University. I have experience with full stack web development. (Disclaimer: things on this site are probably outdated)

One common theme in all my projects I come to realize is the idea of connectedness. Whether it be connecting information or people. I've created many websites with this goal in mind with Mara, Carve, pollster.cc. I also created a traffic data visualization using Google Maps for the Boston area, connecting construction, accident, and congestion data to enhance the understanding of traffic problems plaguing the Greater Boston area. One of my earlier completed projects was an eclipse plugin to generate template and documentation as required for a fundamentals class at Northeastern. Another ongoing project is a Recumbent Bike that I am building for Sam who is disconnected to the world due to his disability. The hope is that an increase in his mobility will reconnect him to the outside world and his community. There are many more projects found on my more projects page.